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About SunTREC - Salzburg

Sun Technology and Research Excellence Center (SunTREC) Salzburg is a co-operation of Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft and Sun Microsystems. SunTREC Salzburg focuses on the use of Java-technologies for Web-based information systems.

Activities of SunTREC-Salzburg include the following:

| Research and Development (R&D) in the area of hypermedia middleware infrastructures, software architectures, and web-based information systems in general;

| Consulting, Training and Workshops: coaching of commercial projects; technology studies; organisation of workshops, working group meetings, conferences, seminars for industry, etc.

| Authorized Academic Java Campus (AAJC): The Authorized Academic Java Campus extends the strategic co-operation with Sun Microsystems. Its activities include teaching and supervisions of theses, diploma-theses, etc. of Java technologies. We have established co-operations with the Universities of Salzburg and Linz (Austria) and the Polytechnic University in Salzburg. Furthermore, we are co-operating with the Indian Institute of Technology in Neu Delhi (IITD).

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