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This is our students page. Here we provide details on Diploma Thesis and Dissertations

The Salzburg Authorized Academic Java Campus (AAJC) is the first institution of its kind in continental Europe. The AAJC at Salzburg Research was accredited in February 2000 by Sun Microsystems .
AAJCs in general aim at propagating Java technologies within academic environments. For instance, the AAJC in Salzburg offers courses on Java Certification Programmes ("Programmer", "Developer" and "Java Architect").

If you are interested in a cooperating with SunTREC in your diploma or PhD project, please let us know. Our research objectives are in the domain of

  1. Web Engineering (technologies, process, testing, etc.)
  2. Mobile applications (testing, engineering, software frameworks)
  3. Navigation and location-based services (Location models, trails, etc.)
Salzburg Research